Theoretical analysis of the electron spiral toroid concept

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I finally got around to photographing some coils and toroids. Figure 2 - photograph of some coils and toroids. Sorry for the poor lighting. The top two toroids on the left are T types (red). Below that is the yellow T type. To the right of the yellow toroid are two RFC (radio frequency chokes) one is 1 mH and the other is mH. Since the width of the toroid is much smaller than the mean radius we can assume a uniform throughout teh cross-section of the toroid. Reviewed by. Will Griffith. Matthew Fetke. Read by Points for page. Worth Kirk total for paper + 50 conference = Ampère’s Law: Magnetic Field Inside a Toroid Apply Ampère’s law, I B~ d~‘= 0IC, to the circular Amperian loop shown. Magnetic field inside: directed tangentially with magnitude depending on R only. Magnetic field outside: negligibly weak. Number of turns: N. Total current through Amperian loop: IC = NI (I is the current in the wire).File Size: KB. A Toroid is a geometric shape that resembles a torus.A toroid is constructed by rotating a geometrical shape around an axis which is outside the shape. If this is done to a .

Problem: Magnetic Field Due to a Toroid. In electronics toroidal coils are often used as inductors. You can imagine a toroidal coil as being generated by taking a doughnut or bagel, threading a wire through the hole and wrapping the wire around the doughnut or bagel in a spiral pattern. Toroidal inductors and transformers are a kind of electronic typically consist of a circular, ring-shaped magnetic centre. The magnet is usually considered a monopole, although the central axis will have a dipole, and have the advantage of being wound continuously in a single direction, thus there is no inductive interference between windings as in a solenoid that . A toroid is shaped like a solenoid bent into a circular shape such as to close itself into a loop-like structure. The toroid is a hollow circular ring, as can be seen in the image shown below, with large number of turns of enameled wire, closely wound with negligible spacing between any two turns. Our result of the potential in the region close to the thin toroid coincides with the cylindrical solution, as expected. 4 Charged Toroid Without Current. Consider a toroid described by h 0, without current but charged to a constant potential f 0. Using A = f 0 and B = 0 in Eqs. (7) we have the potential inside and outside the toroid, respectively.

Inductance of a Toroid For a toroid, 0 2 Ni B r μ π = The magnetic field is perpendicular to the radius vector from the center of the circular toroid, thus it is parallel to the area vector through any radial slice across the toroid. 0 0 2 0 where h is the thickness of the toroid 2 ln 2 ln 2 b a b a B r B r r B r b B a B b a dBdA Bhdr Ni dr h. The inductance for a rectangular cross section toroid can be found from the following equation (Terman, Frederick E., Radio Engineers Handbook, McGraw-Hill, New York, , p): Equation for a Square Cross Section Toroid Inductor. where N is the number of turns, h is the height of the winding (in inches), d 1 is the inner diameter (in inches. With over 35 years in the toroidal power business, you can be confident entrusting Toroid Corporation with your most complex designs. If you are a novice in the magnetics field, we will walk you through the specification phase, making sure that you get a design that will work for you. at the low frequencies they corresponded with the theoretical values. This is discussed in Section Key equations are highlighted in red, and a summary of these is given in Section This article considers coils with a toroidal ferrite core, but the author has previously considered self-resonance in cylindrical air coils (ref 1). Size: KB.

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Theoretical Analysis of the Electron Spiral Toroid Concept Jean-Luc Cambier and David A. Micheletti MSE Technology Applications, Inc., Butte, Montana National Aeronautics and Space Administration Langley Research Center Hampton, Virginia Prepared for Langley Research Center under Purchase Order L December Get this from a library.

Theoretical analysis of the electron spiral toroid concept. [Jean-Luc Cambier; David A Micheletti; Langley Research Center.]. Description: EPS teamed with MIT's Plasma Science and Fusion Center under an STTR grant to develop a theoretical framework and laboratory methods for reliably creating small ( cm diameter) self-organized plasmas, called "electron spiral.

The Toroidal Topology of the Electron. by Miles Mathis This paper is an analysis of a paper by J. Williamson and M. van der Mark. A reader of mine just sent me a link to it yesterday (Feb ), and I found it worth linking to and remarking Size: KB.

Equations. A toroid is specified by the radius of revolution R measured from the center of the section rotated. For symmetrical sections volume and surface of the body may be computed (with circumference C and area A of the section). Square Toroid. The volume (V) and surface area (S) of a toroid are given by the following equations, where a is the square section of side, and R.

The electron plasma toroid will lose energy as it repels gases. Gases used would normally be inert. Initiating and Containing.

FIG. 24 illustrates an electrode and single turn coil for initiating and containing an electron spiral toroid. To achieve a high energy version of the toroid, a high energy electron beam source is needed. Inductors: Ferrite and Powder Toroids. Molydenum toroid, ferrite toroid core, high flux, strip wound toroid, high voltage nylon coated ferrite toroid, the perfect toroid wire PTFE - 14AWG, stainless steel tape wound core.

Jean-Luc Cambier and David A. Micheletti, Theoretical Analysis of the Electron Spiral Toroid Concept, NASA/CR, Decemberpp. 42, (KB PS, KB PDF) - Pages: 42 NASAcrpdfRead. The theoretical positions are found by performing detailed 3-D Finite Element Calculations that predict the shape of the toroid under its operational load.

The assembly of this huge toroid is. Electron Spiral Toroid Spheromaks (ESTSs) have been created at Electron Power Systems, Inc.

for a number of years by using high-power electric. A time variant current through a coil wound around a toroid core will produce a time variant magnetic field within the volume of the toroid, but no field external to that volume.

Since a time variant magnetic field propagating in space must be accompanied by a time variant electric field to propagate, there can be no resultant time variant. Welcome Toroid P & H. Toroid P & H, LLC recently announced the creation of fifty new manufacturing jobs in Salisbury Maryland as the new entity competes in the Cable and Harness business, filling a void left by Labinal Power Systems.

The firm is yet another venture of the Ennerfelt family which has strong ties to the greater Salisbury community. Toroid comes from “Torus” meaning in the form of a torus and therefor any variation of such.

A torus is a surface of revolution generated by revolving a circle in a three dimensional space about an axis, always at the same distance and without touching.

However, the term torus is also used when we refer. Toroid: A toroid is a doughnut-shaped object with a coil wound around it that is used as an inductor in electronic devices.

The shape is described in mathematics as an object or surface generated by revolving a closed plane around an external axis that is parallel to it so it does not intersect; the resulting shape is doughnut-like, and the.

but in a toroid we assume that almost B= 0 anywhere other than in between the inner and outer radius. Therefore the surface should be one in between the inner and outer radii of the toroid, in a toroid like the in the figure attached the magnetic field is µ 0 NI/2πr therefore the total flux Φ =∫(µ 0 NI/2πr)*ds.

We asses the magnetic field inside the toroid using the formula for the magnetic field in a solenoid because a toroid is in fact a solenoid whose ends are bent together to form a hollow ring. The magnetic field lines inside the toroid are concentric circles.

The magnetic field is homogeneous inside the toroid and zero outside the toroid. Toroid Corporation is a US manufacturer of Toroidal Components like Power Transformers 20VAkVA, Current Transformers and Inductors. Sales, Engineering and Manufacturing is.

Inductance of a toroid derivation. Consider a toroid having rectangular cross sectional inner radius of the toroid is ‘a’ while outer radius is number of turns of toroid is i be the current flowing through each turn of toroid.

The magnetic field lines inside the solenoid is given as. The key to all toroidal transformer advantages is its efficiency. And the key to its efficiency is the tape would grain oriented silicone steel core. The core is a continuous strip of grain oriented silicon steel, wound like a clock spring, under tension.

It is annealed to relax the molecular structure which ensures that all grains are in the magnetic direction (unlike the old standard EI. TO8 - Toroidal Terminals For HV Uses: Ready to use for Tesla coil and other high-voltage applications. If these will be used for high-voltage DC stacks or multipliers, they will need to be polished to a shiny mirror-like surface (you can do this yourself, or have it done for you).

Figure ME shows the front view of an atom. An electron travels on the magnetic gauss line of the atom at n = 1. Figure ME shows the top view of the same atom. The electron travels on the magnetic gauss line at the velocity v and the radius, r. Magnetic Vector Potential In electrostatics, we had the notion of a potential.

This concept is useful, since it is sometimes more conve-nient to compute the potential and then compute the electric field using E = ¡rV. It would be convenient to also define a magnetic potential to assist in the computation of magnetic fields.

But because File Size: KB. Electromagnetic Field Toroidal applications by Jorge Garza-Ulloa [email protected] Sonia Valadez and Michelle Salvador 4 ECE University of Texas At El Paso (UTEP) December B relates to H: H 2= Bμo (A/m) (4) Electric currents have a magnetic dipole moment equal to Ai, current times loop Size: KB.

A toroid coil is harder to wind than solenoids. This helps a person who is building their own items or someone who likes tinkering with their products. A toroid coil can be smaller, and can also be placed closer to other machines (their magnetic field is better contained).

The first toroids were created in the early s. Theoretically, it was predicted and shown by calculations [34] that at considerable electron concentrations, for example, in a conductor, the inertial electromagnetic mass of one electron can 14 exceed the known rest mass of an electron by more than 10 times, i.e.

one electron is comparable with a 7 mass of the order of 10 protons. Finding the magnetic field for a straight wire using the right hand rule shows that the field is around the wire.

Applying this same concept for a toroid, the magnetic field inside is central to the loop of wires so that makes sense. However. Ferrite Toroids, Iron Powder Toroids, Ferrite Beads, Split Cores, Cable clamp-ons, Balun Cores, W2FMI Baluns and Ununs, Inductive, power supplies, HAM radio.

The circular shape of the toroid allows for it to create a magnetic field within itself, while not leaking outside the toroids. The inner part of the ring will be more magnetic than the outside sections.

As the radius of the circle becomes larger the magnetic field will decrease. Just like solenoids, a toroid is also considered an inductor. NASAcrpdf - Jean-Luc Cambier and David A. Micheletti, Theoretical Analysis of the Electron Spiral Toroid Concept, NASA/CR.

A body or surface generated by the rotation of a plane curve or circle. It may assume the shape of a ring/doughnut or may resemble a barrel. torus; Hud NV, Vilfan UD Annu Rev Biophys Biomol. Part II: Its Inductance. 1. Transversal Area of the Toroid: The inductance of a toroid is defined by the equation 2.

First we need to calculate the area of the transversal section of the toroid. In the figure given above, the toroid has a rectangular transversal area that can also be substituided by a circular area by executing the proper command and also by taking in count that either the.Toroid Inductance Per Turn Calculator.

Toroidal inductors are used where large inductance are required at low frequency levels. These are insulated coils in ring shape. As toroid inductors have more number of turns it can carry more currents. This online electrical calculator allows you to calculate the toroid inductance value per turn.

toroid (plural toroids) (mathematics) A surface generated by a closed curve (especially a circle) rotating about, but not intersecting or containing, an axis in its own plane.

A ring - shaped object whose surface is a torus.